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Vaccinations! Both dog and cat vaccinations need to have been administered at least two weeks prior to boarding! The minimum requirement is F3 for cats & C5 for dogs.

Services and Rates

Boarding rates are charged on a calendar day basis irrespective of the time of admission or departure.

Volunteer Journey

Join Us in an Animal Welfare Tour

Play time

If your pet is one that enjoys regular playtime with you, we are happy to schedule this into their stay. We have a couple of areas that we use for that special one-on-one time & family members available to entertain them.

Large play runs

We have just completed the extension over our play/exercise areas. We now offer great new runs that your dog(s) can enjoy. 1.8m high fenced grassed areas (largest 20m x 13m) that compliment our oversized kennels. Your pet will love the experience – at no extra cost to you.

Hydro Bath

Modern hydro bath facilities with dryer are available on request.

Dog walking service

If you would like your dog exercised by regular walks (on lead) we are happy to schedule these in with their stay at a reasonable rate.

Boarding per calendar day – 1 dog$35.00
Boarding per calendar day – 2 dogs or more
(2 dogs sharing a kennel)
Super pen per calendar day$80.00
Half-hour walking$20.00
Hydro bath$15.00
Extra treats from$2.50
Public Holiday surcharge per day$4.00 per dog


We only use reputable branded food through the kennels & cattery to ensure the quality given to your pet. If you wish to supply their own you are more than welcome but it must be in a sealed container in a quantity relevant to stay only. We also have a range of special treats (e.g. bones, chews, pig’s ears etc.) that are available for scheduling into your pet’s stay at minimal costs.


$4 surcharge for each public holiday. We believe all sizes & breeds deserve the same care and attention. Our rates are based on a calendar day basis irrespective of drop-off or pick-up times. Payment is on entry. We provide a level of individual attention close to that you provide yourself at home.


We require deposits for extended stays, holiday periods & long weekends. Please book well in advance during peak seasons to avoid disappointment. Bookings cancelled less than 30 days from the booking date will be forfeited and any cancellation will incur a cancellation fee, so please book carefully!
Please note: All dates booked during peak seasons will be charged for.
Cats Cost
Boarding per calendar day – 1 cat $15.00
Super suite per calendar day – 2 cats $35.00
Public Holiday surcharge per day $4.00 per cat

Added features

  • Vet service on call 24/7
  • Current vaccinations (C5) required & must be presented
  • Short & Long term stays welcome


If your pet requires any medication administered while boarding, please advise when booking as fees do apply.

Opening Hours

Drop-offs and collections.

Mon – Fri 9:00am – 11:00am
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Sat 8:00am – 10:00am
Sun 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Closed Public Holidays

Volunteer Journey

Join Us in an Animal Welfare Tour

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Volunteering Experience

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