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Vaccinations! Both dog and cat vaccinations need to have been administered at least two weeks prior to boarding! The minimum requirement is F3 for cats & C5 for dogs.

Our Accommodation

You can go on holidays knowing your pet or pets are safe, snug, and being well cared for.

Dog Kennels

All our kennels are air-conditioned and very generous in size. A shaded exercise area out from the main kennels is used to give the dogs a daily run. If you have two dogs and want them to share we can certainly accommodate that, as all kennels are double size with some triple size.

Small dog area

An area within the kennels is specially set aside for small dogs; you may wish to consider this if you want your pet away from the larger animals. This area has anti-bacterial flooring, is air-conditioned and has music.

Large Breeds kennel building

This building is air-conditioned and great for large dog breeds or families of two or more. This building has great cross flow ventilation and features some of the largest kennel runs around.


Trampoline style beds are supplied for all pets. Used bedding is disposed of after each stay and new bedding applied for the next guest.


Large Play Runs

Play Area

We now offer great new runs that your dog(s) can enjoy. 1.8m high fenced grassed areas (largest 20m x 13m) that compliment our oversized kennels. Your pet will love the experience – at no extra cost to you.

Reception Area

This is our main building that houses the office, cattery wing, puppy area and main dog wing – all air-conditioned. This pathway leads directly off our parking area.


Our cattery is air-conditioned and in a separate area to the main kennels. All enclosures have scratch poles and items to keep your pet occupied during their stay with us. If you wish to bring their own favourite toy your are more than welcome. All our cat condos have 4 levels for your pet to explore and keep themselves busy. They all feature the latest in non-slip, anti-bacterial flooring.

Volunteer Journey

Join Us in an Animal Welfare Tour

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Volunteering Experience

Other Experiences