About the Canine Country Club

We are a family of animal lovers who offer a very personalised stay for your pets. We are big enough to be professional in all we do and small enough to still care about each pet entrusted to our care.

The facts...

  • We live on-site & provide constant supervision for your pet
  • Our kennel buildings are fully air-conditioned
  • The kennels & cattery were established over 20 years ago
  • All our animal pens have solid wall dividers for added safety
  • Kennel buildings have monitored smoke alarms installed
  • We specialise in friendly, quality service
  • Customers value the size of our kennels and cat condos
  • Our business is located just a few kilometres from
    Joondalup on Neaves Road
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General health & pet care

Although not regularly, we sometimes need the attention of a veterinarian for our guests. We use an on-call 24/7 vet who provides prompt and professional service. We will however follow your instructions and are happy to contact your own vet if that is your preference.

If your pet has any pre-existing conditions eg. recent injuries, lumps, limps, skin conditions, eye and ear problems etc. please make us aware of these at check-in. This information will enable us to care for your pet appropriately. We will not check-in a sick animal -- for the safety of all our guests.

Quarantine area

We have a detached quarantine building that is used to isolate pets from the general population if needed. Although it gets very little use, it is a great comfort to know it is there.


Both dog and cat vaccinations need to have been administered
at least two weeks prior to boarding! The minimum requirement is F3 for cats & C5 for dogs.